UP Manila has a New Chancellor

UPCM Alumni Manuel B. Agulto appointed as new UP Manila Chancellor

from UP Medics
By Arianne Agdamag, Class 2014

The Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines system during its 1273rd meeting last September 29, 2011 appointed Dr. Manuel B. Agulto as the new chancellor of UP Manila effective November 1, 2011 until October 31, 2014. Dr. Agulto will be replacing Dr. Ramon Arcadio, also a UPCM Alumni.
Dr. Agulto is the current director of the Institute of Ophthalmology of the NIH and is a clinical professor of the UP-PGH Dept. of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences. He graduated from UPCM in 1973 and has held numerous leadership positions in the institution. He was the former president of the UP Medical Alumni Society and a former chair of the Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.
My Vision of UP Manila: Beyond a Research University
Manuel B. Agulto, M.D.
Director, Institute of Ophthalmology
Professor 6, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
College of Medicine, U.P. Manila
The UP system, as well as U.P. Manila boasts of excellent faculty and the brightest students. U.P. Manila’s arts and sciences, and the best social and health sciences programs. We however have to analyze our academic directions, research priorities, as well as advocacies, in order to give back to the people not only service but also more permanent and relevant societal contributions. We have to be simultaneously national and global. We have to develop the capacity to compete in both the global economy and tertiary education marketplace through the acquisition, adaptation, and creation of advanced knowledge”.


My vision for U.P. Manila is for it to become a nationally and internationally recognized:
  • Center of excellence in health and social science education and training, nationally relevant but globally competitive
  • Center for excellence in translational research, producing not only published work but also innovative patents
  • Center for caring, competent, and world class health care and social services that serves all sectors of society, but especially the underserved
  • Center for collaboration, policy generation, and advocacy on relevant National and International issues
I intend to do this, through the following directions and thrusts, which are in consonance with President Pascual’s vision:
  • Democratic, participative and transparent governance
  • Improvement of faculty, staff and student welfare: innovative ways of increasing compensation, inservice training/educational benefits, and health insurance and other benefits
  • Encourage and reward productivity or resource generation, as well as cost-reduction projects and activities
  • Fully utilize/harness all human and physical resources and assets, starting with a global audit of systems, personnel, and property
  • Continue socio-cultural and health services to the underprivileged, while aiming for technological advancement and modernization of infrastructure and services to serve everyone
  • Tap public-private partnerships with industry, grant-giving bodies, NGO’s, and other government offices
  • Tap alumni for collaborative activities in training, research, policy advocacy and implementation, and placement of students/trainees Promote and sustain research culture in all aspects of academic and other university activities
  • Promote, sustain and increase collaboration in all disciplines in training, service and research with other U.P. units, and other Universities and training centers
  • Promote and sustain the culture of entrepreneurship in all university activities
  • Encourage non-academic gender- and race-sensitive equal-opportunity activities and interactions that will encourage public discourse as well as personal, emotional and spiritual growth
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